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My Heart Of A Gypsy
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They say not all those who wander are lost and I completely agree.  
No matter where adventure takes me there is one thing I look for, vintage inspiration. Finding the  beauty in all things and in all places, then using that inspiration in my home is my passion!  I love that look of unintentional comfort, time layered textiles and easy yet creative details.  While I was raising my 4 kids we moved alot.  No matter where we ended up home was always comforting and peaceful
in a new place with new faces it was comforting to have a haven of our very own. The pieces you will find here are created or picked by hand from the heart in hopes of bringing some charm and joy into your world.   
I am currently in the process of setting up shop so please be patient with me!  My hard launch date is 8/01/16 
My Heart Of A Gypsy ® 308 East View Drive, Alpine, UT 84004

We can custom create anything for you!
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